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Writers also needed on assignment to create original content for our members.

Sell Your Original Content

Writers now you can sell your original content in the ContentVendor Marketplace! We have created a unique program to help writer's like you earn money from their original work. You write it, Post it, Set your price and We Promote it to our members and the best part of all is that you keep 85% of all the revenue your content generates. We have members waiting for your content, so get started now.

Create Content for Our Members

Are you a freelance writer? If so, ContentVendor continually has projects and assignments available for writer's like you. We need professional content creators to generate original copy for our members in the categories and niches we offer below. Work where, when and how much you want. If this works for you, please sign up as a writer now and start earning at ContentVendor, your assignments are waiting.

Two Ways to Earn as a Writer at ContentVendor

We Need Writers! View the Services You Can Provide for Our Customers Below.

Blog Posts

We are looking for writers to provide our customers with custom blog posts in various category niches and styles. Create professional copy to boost their Google rankings. Researched or rewite content assignments available.

Website Content

We need writers who can produce on-target, compelling content for our members businesses. Custom copy and rewrite current content options. Provie professional website copy to build our members digital footprint and brand!

Promotional Media

Are you an expert in creating unique promotional media copy? If so, we need you. We are always looking for writers that specializing in creating content for: Email Advertising, Newsletters, Press Releases, eBooks and White Papers.

Product Descriptions

Can you write unique compelling product description copy? We are always in need of content producers specializing in this important media. Create dynamic custom product content that drives customers to buy for our members.

Social Media Content

Do you excel at creating "Big Idea" Social Media content. Can you write powerful post copy that promotes brand building and gains customers. Social Media writers needed for Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Youtube scripts and more...

Search Engine Copy

SEO copy is one of the hardest nuts to crack. We are looking for experts that understand how Google works and specializes in creating search engine content that is 100% user-friendly and is designed to produce page one ranking results.

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