Content is often confused with ‘quality’ in online business. Quality is the value of business output to consumers, which persuades its consumers to buy. But in the real world, the word’s content and quality are not used interchangeably; neither do they mean the same thing. Good content, at least on its surface, seems like the same thing as quality. If, for example, you are selling handmade chocolates, you have probably written a lengthy and informative article about chocolates. If you were selling an automated car that will drive itself to your customers’ doorsteps, you would likely use words like ‘automobile,’ ‘online shopping,’ ‘shopping,’ and ‘shop.’ Why do you think that when people consider these terms, they think quality? To put it merely: content is a form of value, but it has no impact on search engine rankings. Content can be informative, useful, entertaining, or a mix of all those things, but without the search engine ranking of your site, it has little to no impact. In contrast, good quality content profoundly impacts search engines because it is valuable to search engines.

What do Search Engines Recognize?

A website is helpful only when it has relevant content. Search engines cannot differentiate between your good and bad content. They look for quality. Your content must provide information, so your website must have keywords in your content, which search engines recognize. And keyword-rich content has no impact on search engine ranking. A website can’t make money unless it sells. If you provide valuable content that people want to read and find enjoyable, search engines will give you a way to market. The difference between content quality and search engine ranking lies not only in the content itself but in the algorithms through which search engines assign a rank to websites.

Focusing on a Specific Enthusiast

If you can create good content that people want to read, you can have a very high ranking website. How do you create great content? You start by writing articles for your website. But writing articles and submitting them to directories is not enough to ensure you have good text. A website with a high ranking will not provide quality content unless you have a clear understanding of its niche and how to write articles related to that niche.